Microbe-Lift KH Bio-Active Booster Review

Maintain proper alkalinity.

Microbe-Lift’s new product, KH Bio-Active Booster, solves the problem of low alkalinity, which can lead to pH “crash.” KH Bio-Active Booster is a great product for maintaining proper alkalinity.

Microbe-lift ecolabs booster

The Claims
Microbe-Lift claims that the KH Bio-Active Booster will maintain KH (carbonate alkalinity). Without sufficient KH, the good bacteria of the nitrogen cycle cannot be maintained, so this is an important parameter for aquariums.

The Test
I tested the KH Bio-Active Booster on four tanks in my wholesale fish room: two 30-gallon breeders and two 40-gallon breeders. Each tank had between 30 and 75 fish, and the water ranged from 30 to 40 parts per million (ppm) KH; even after adding bicarbonate, the pH was neutral or just above. I added KH Bio-Active Booster to these four tanks on a weekly basis. I tested the water the day after the treatment and the day of the next weekly treatment.

The Results
The results were terrific. All four of the tanks had 80 to 100 ppm of KH the day after treatment, and pH was between 7.0 and 7.4. In one week, on the day for the next treatment, KH was still above 80 in all four tanks, and pH was still above 7.0.

My tap water has very little alkalinity, and my tanks will dive to a low pH, which can wipe out a tank overnight. Maintaining alkalinity is the biggest problem I have–make that “had”–keeping fish. Microbe-Lift’s KH Bio-Active Booster solved the problem. I recommend this product for regular use to maintain KH alkalinity in an aquarium or pond.

Ecological Laboratories/Microbe-Lift
KH Bio-Active Booster


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