Michigan State University Launches Ferret Health Advancement Website

Michigan State University further assists ferrets by launching a website to advance ferret health.

A new website launched at Michigan State University (MSU) in April 2009 that provides information about clinical and diagnostic testing available for ferret diseases, and highlights the current research at MSU on ferret diseases.

Visitors to the Ferret Health Advancement website can learn about research on ferret diseases, browse the diagnostic tests and services available for ferrets at MSU, read publications and presentations about ferret health, and get information on how to help the University create an endowment for a specialist position to support ferret research. A section with information on ferret diseases is coming soon.
Sukie Crandall, a longtime ferret owner from New Jersey, is impressed by the team listed on the Ferret Health Advancement website. That team includes Matti Kiupel, DVM, MS, Ph.D., DACVP, a board-certified veterinary pathologist; Roger Maes, DVM, Ph.D., a veterinary virologist; Annabel Wise, DVM, MS, Ph.D., a veterinary microbiologist; and Stephen Mehler, DVM, DACVS, a veterinary surgeon. All have worked on ferret health concerns, some for many years.

“Just recently, this team identified the types of rotaviruses that can infect young ferrets, costing the lives of too many kits,” Crandall said. “Following up on this new information can lead to better cures and prevention. They even have been working on some of the worst variants of adrenal disease to better understand them, treat them and, hopefully, prevent them.”

The Ferret Health Advancement website is a collaboration between the College of Veterinary Medicine, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and the Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health, all at MSU.

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