Meow Mix Revives Cat-Sung Commercial Jingle

In honor of the jingle's return, company polls cat owners on the state of cats at home.

This month saw the return of the classic Meow Mix commercial jingle. According to a recent survey that the food company oversaw, 50% of respondents recall most, if not all, of the lyrics to the cat food tune.

The new study was conducted by Kelton Research and revealed that, of the respondents, 81% claimed to have heard the Meow Mix Jingle in the last 18 months; in reality, the classic version of the jingle stopped airing in 1996. The jingle is back on commercials for new Meow Mix Tender Centers cat food. Click here to watch the commercial and hear the jingle.

Cat Closeness
The survey provided other information as well. Cat owners were asked to reveal their love for their cat. The results showed 31% of respondents would rather speak with their cat after a long day than their best friend, children or parents; 33% believe they communicate better with their cat than their significant other.

Cats are members of the family and we rely on them for companionship,” said Sue Resnicoff, director of cat food marketing for Del Monte Foods, which owns Meow Mix. “There is a bond formed between pet parents and their cats that extends well beyond meows to an intuitive relationship that provides a deeper understanding.”   

Cats grow closer to people than some romantic partners. According to the survey results, 39% admit their cat is more likely to pick up on the owner’s current mood than a romantic partner would. More than four in five surveyed (82%) express confidence that they could identify their own cat’s “meow” among many others making the same noise.

Cat Communication
Some owners guessed what their cats’ celebrity voice would sound like. According to the survey, 18% admittedly think if their cat could talk to them, they would sound like popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, 13% say Fran Drescher best describes their cats’ inner voice, 12% say Sean Connery, 9% say Kathie Lee Gifford and 8% say Jay Leno.

When it comes to communication between cats and owners, 20% of owners believe their cat is trying to communicate with them through gestures or sounds. On average, cat owners believe their felines understand about 13 different words.

Cat owners appear to be very secure in the strong bond they have with their felines. According to the survey, almost all (97%) of them can name at least one emotion or state of mind that they can easily decipher from the way their cats act. Topping the list of these little clues are those that signify hunger (86%), happiness (82%) and fear (78%).

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