Meow Meow Cruise: The Cruise For Cat People

The second all-cat-fan cruise sets sail in spring of 2016. Will you be on board?

Anna Conway’s fate as a cat lover was sealed almost at birth, given that she shared her bassinet with the family Siamese cat. When kitty decided a dead bird would be an appropriate gift for an infant, that ended the baby-and-cat cosleeping, however, not the love for cats.


Today, Anna has four cats and works as a travel agent. The lifetime of cat love led her it was only natural she’d be the one to create the “Meow Meow Cruise,” [] an ocean liner trip specifically designed for cat lovers to hang out and share cat photos with abandon.

The idea came to her after meeting other cat lovers on a previous cruise. She said “Meow meow!” for good luck when she placed bets at the roulette table. Other cat people at the table adopted this and soon the dealer even asked her to “Give me paw!” after a winning spin.

“We’re friends with so many people online and we see their kitties grow up,” Anna told me. Social media seems to only spark cat people’s interest in meeting like-minded fans in person, proven by this case and in instances like the 10,000-attendee-strong CatConLA this summer.


Anna hopes to have 20-50 people on the Apr. 21, 2016 four-day cruise departing Tampa going to Cozumel, Mexico. About a dozen cabins have been booked and Anna has received inquiries from around the country. Those who would like to can even volunteer at a local cat shelter when docked in Cozumel.


Felines are not allowed on the cruise. Anna will create personalized T-shirts that feature each passenger’s cat, however, to help link the cat person with their kitty.

Click here for more information about Meow Meow Cruise. And remember, like the website says, “Unfortunately the little critters cannot join us but we can send postcards home.”

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