“Men With Cats” Shows Cat Guys and Their Furry Broheims

New book features felines and their guys, breaking stereotypes and hearts all at once.

Cats are the most popular pet in the country, outnumbering dogs in U.S. homes by about 10 million. And guys are the most popular guys in the country. Put them together and you have a winning combination.

“Men With Cats”
compiles the work of photographer David Williams in which he turns his lens to compositions of cats in happy homes with their pet parents, who happen to be male. Williams has said he wants to show the world that he doesn’t subscribe to the way society genderizes animal ownership, according to Mashable.

His cat-presence-heavy work can be found on Instagram. Find out more about the book on the “Men With Cats” website.

Finally caught up with Charlie and Nicholas the other day. #menwithcats #nyc

A photo posted by David Williams (@davidwilliamsphoto) on

Know any eligible cat-loving men for this photo series?

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