Men and the Cats Who Love Them

These four men want to show the world that it?s not just women who are crazy for felines.

TJ Wingard TJ Wingard
Age: 24 
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer / Cat Calculator
Location: Witchita, Kan.
Status: Single, no children
Cats: Currently looking for rescue
Thoughts: This cat-loving engineer refers to himself as “… a country boy stuck in the big city,” but we like to call him one of the most eligible cat-loving bachelors in America.

TJ recently vaulted to stardom in the famous YouTube video, “Engineer’s Guide to Cats,” and while he doesn’t have a speaking part, he plays an integral part in teaching the world about the joy of cats.  He even takes time to patiently demonstrate how to measure the “aspect ratio” of your favorite feline. (Oscar, for instance, “… measures 19 x 8 inches, with an aspect ratio of 2.38 that gives him less wind resistance and superior leaping ability.”) Besides cuddling with his friend’s cats and being the official “cat-sitter” for other engineer ailurophiles, he is on the hunt for a rescued cat to call his own. TJ spends time racing motorcross and watching Japanese anime.

Click here to see his famous video.

Paul KlusmanPaul Klusman
Age: 39
Occupation: Aerospace Engineer / Cat Wrangler
Status: Single, no children
Location: Witchita, Kan.
Cats: three — Oscar, Ginger and Zoey

Paul hit the virtual lottery with his video, “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats,” starring his three favorite felines, which he wrote and directed.  Paul shares his home with the actors: Oscar, the cat artist known for his “postmodern cardboard deconstruction art”; Ginger, a dancing orange tabby; and Zoey an art critic who has mastered the art of professional lounging.

When Paul’s not conducting stress analysis tests on the structural components of aircraft or directing funny cat videos, he can be found melding rhythm and blues with a fusion of rock and roll on his guitar, while contemplating methods of escaping his resident town of Wichita, “which has all the appeal of a gravel parking lot,” he jokes. He also rescues strays from his apartment complex, ensuring that they receive the care and attention they require. He has made several successful rescue videos of rescued cats that resulted in the felines finding loving homes. He’s most recently been called the “George Clooney of Cats” and we can’t help but agree with that comment!

Click here to see his famous video.

Sam StaleySam Staley
Age: 41
Occupation: Parks and Recreation / Cat Whisperer
Status: Married, two children
Location: Scottsdale, Ariz.
Cats: 17 rescues and feral colony

Sporting a tattoo of a flying black panther with its majestic wings spread wide, it’s obvious Sam has a natural affinity for felines. When he’s not keeping city parks in pristine condition, he’s relaxing with his wife and their family of two teenagers, three dogs and 17 cats. Active in animal rescue, Sam has spent many a weekend in trap-neuter-return (TNR) clinics helping to wrangle traps into position and holding fearful feral kittens. He’s been called the “Cat Whisperer” more than once, as felines respond easily to his calm and patient nature. 

After “Marrying Into the Food Chain,” Sam learned not to question the all-night pitter-patter of feet across the rooftop and the banshee cries of feral cats as they run through the night. He and his wife share their bed with a constantly changing audience of feline friends who spend evenings walking over the happy couple, vying for the best position. Despite the odds, he’s managed to fight his way to the top of the food chain and has become the pack leader, the king of the jungle and the emotional support powerhouse for his wife, family and numerous animals. There is nothing as sexy as a man and his cats …

Click here to read “Marrying Into the Food Chain.”

David PerryDavid Perry
Age: 56
Occupation: Retired, Cat Herder
Status: Divorced, one child, two grandchildren
Location: Boron, Calif.
Cats: one — Psycho
Thoughts: “Most cats are devoted to something or other; you just never can tell on what or on whom they’ll bestow the honor of that devotion,” David smiles, gently petting his large tabby, Psycho. “I’ve been fortunate that all my cats love me as much as I love them.”

David has had cats his entire life, and since the very recent loss of Lupe, a beautiful white longhaired cat, he has been able to focus his attention on Psycho, a domestic shorthair tabby. He has never turned an animal away, and continues feeding the occasional strays and feral cats that arrive on his 10 acres in the remote desert of California. He retired in 2003 after a 25-year career coaching college athletics.

In addition to caring for the animals that show up at his secluded home, David volunteers at an animal shelter one day a week. He is also an aspiring author and spends his afternoons penning tales of desert life with his pets and is currently working on a thriller. With two beautiful grandchildren, a house deep in the Mojave desert, beautiful domestic and feral cats, and the time to do what he wants, we think this animal lover has just about the perfect life.

Click here to read one of David’s cat novellas.

Stacy Mantle is a popular author and the founder of She shares her home with 18 cats, 3 dogs and a very understanding husband in Arizona.

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