Memos To Parker & Pepper

Follow the adventures of African greys, Parker and Pepper in the popular "Memos to Parker & Pepper."

Patricia Sund with her African greys, Parker and Pepper.

Welcome to the world of Parker and Pepper. Parker and Pepper are African grey parrots who live in Hollywood, Florida, with Patricia Sund, a freelance writer and flight attendant with American Airlines. Parker is 5, Pepper is 17. Their housemate is Mattie, an elderly, age-unknown rescued Shih-Tzu dog, which is either sleeping, conning Sund out of her lunch or looking for a place to nap.

Sund prefers to write about the lighter side of having parrot companions in her life and has concentrated her efforts on a series of “Business Memos?written to her parrots about the daily issues the four of them have while residing in a household with more beaks and tails than thumbs. While most of the memos are based on fact, certain parts are at times fictional and the depictions of everyone in her “memos??including the author ?are caricatures.

Sund confided in us, “I don? really write business memos to my greys. But they do have a suggestion box in the dining room they are free to use.?Sund continued, “When I write about my family, even if they aren? human, I tend to highlight the funny and the absurd. I mean, really, Erma Bombeck wouldn? have passed a lie-detector test, but there was a kernel of truth in all of her work.?lt;/span>

Sund has attended the Natural Encounters Beginning and Advanced Companion Parrot Training Seminars and also completed Dr. Susan Friedman? online training Class: “LLP: Living and Learning with Parrots.?Aside from internal articles for American Airlines, she has written articles for Phoenix Landing? “Phoenix Beakin? and the Alamo Exhibition Bird Club, in addition to articles for BIRD TALK.

BIRD TALK thinks Patricia Sund? memos to her greys are just the thing to take a moment and simply laugh at what it? like to live on a daily basis with the birds we love so much. We hope you enjoy them.

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