Memories of Dog World

In celebration of Dog World’s 95th anniversary, Richard "Rick” G. Beauchamp discusses how DW changed his life.

Purebred dogs existed in somewhat of a fantasy world for this child who lived in an apartment during those World War II years. But that fantasy began to shape itself into reality when I spied a magazine entitled Dog World on the stand at our corner drug store.

I devoured every page, every word and every advertisement in that first copy I bought of Dog World. In it I found the section devoted to “Coming Shows,” which in turn led me to my first dog show.

Dog World couldn’t have been a more appropriate name for this iconic publication – it is without a doubt as much a part of purebred dogs as those wonderful canines themselves.

In later years I became a publisher of dog magazines myself, but even then I found myself referring to the pages of Dog World more times than I could possibly ever count, to read what some of the great dog men and women of our time had to say; to see if I could find a photo of some rare breed I had heard of but never seen; or to look for some hard-to-locate special product needed for my own dogs.

Richard G. (Rick) Beauchamp
Author and all-breed judge

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