Memorial Day Weekend Plans Explained by Cats

Three-day weekends often follow a common arc. These cat GIFs will illustrate.

A three-day weekend is upon us. These cats show us what we can expect over this Memorial Day Holiday.

Eager to start? Consider ducking out when the boss isn’t looking.

You might wind up indulging a bit much by the second day.

Cute Kitten Drinking Water Inside Big Glass ¦ Funny Video ¦ 2015

Maybe that afternoon or the next day, invite over friends for BBQs and food.

??? x ???????? Mandarin orange pyramid

You might indulge in some things you shouldn’t eat …

Cat eating nutella
(Note: Don’t give your cat Nutella. Not even on three-day weekends.)

and have a couple of more drinks with friends.

Cats drinking water from a faucet

Which could lead to crashing in weird places …

Cat sleeping in a trance

but you get an extra day to lounge and recover, so enjoy it.

Happy Cat

And remember those we’ve lost in wars, by observing a moment of silence– it’s what the weekend is all about.

Cat Blinks Eyes

Then rest up some more …

???????????? Cat sleeping in bed canopy

and get ready to return to work on Tuesday.

The Oreo Cat

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