Megan Blake Gives Pets New Lease On Life

"Animal Attractions” co-host Megan Blake lives each day as an animal lover.

When Megan Blake began thinking about getting a travel companion, little did she know she would find one tout suite. French for “immediately” or “right now,” the phrase was the perfect name for the starving black kitten who literally materialized at Blake’s feet one night. The two became inseparable – to the point of racking up more than 60,000 travel miles together.

“He provides so much entertainment and laughter when I am by myself on the road,” Blake says.

Co-host and contributing writer-producer of the PBS show “Animal Attractions,” – on which Tout Suite is featured as “The Travel Kitty” – Blake’s life bears the unmistakable stamp of a dedicated animal lover.

“I love animals,” she confesses. “To me they open to us an entire universe that would be missing if they were not in our lives.”

The owner of two dogs, two cats and two horses, Blake makes a habit of rescuing animals and giving them a loving home.

“They just show up at the right time, and I am open to bringing them into my life,” she explains. “In other words, they pick me.”

Not content with merely providing a safe environment, Blake also gives her rescued pets new purposes. Her Arabian horse, Starfire, was on his way to be destroyed when Blake intervened, and the two now train for and compete in endurance races. Blake helped one of her dogs, Spirit, a white Labrador-Retriever mix, discover a talent for acting, and the dog has appeared in two films, despite losing a leg to cancer two years ago.

Blake also lends her support to animal shelters and services by attending and hosting fundraising events for various organizations, such as the SPCA and the Humane Society.  

“At all the events I participate in, I always read a poem I wrote,” Blake says, “and for any donation, audience members can get an autographed copy. I also auction off artwork at events with the proceeds going to a shelter.”

Blake and Tout Suite are currently co-writing a book, titled “The Adventures of Tout Suite the Travel Kitty,” from which all proceeds will go to animal shelters.

The second season of “Animal Attractions” is set to air this fall. The PBS series covers a wide range of subjects, from training and health tips to breed spotlights and rescue features. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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