Meeting The Princesses

Pictures are nice, but there’s nothing like seeing a bird in person. I’ve seen plenty of photos of Princess of Wales parakeets, but I don’t think their personality is quite captured on film; they come across as pretty statues. (Perhaps this is because they’re often posed with flowers, to emphasize their beauty?)

On a recent visit to Omar’s Exotic Birds, I got up with these two Princesses, and I can tell you that they are anything but pretty statues; they were a bit mischievous. The white one (albino) went straight for my necklace and the yellow (lutino mutation) took it upon himself to flutter from his play gym to the floor, where he did a nice, long walkabout.

Whenever I see one of the more exotic parrots (I know, all parrots are exotics) there’s always a time-delay in identifying them, especially if it is a mutation. At first, I thought the albino Princess was a white pigeon, so petite. But then it kind of reminded me of a crestless albino cockatiel; and this one had a similar disposition … friendly and curious. The yellow one I knew was definitely an Australian grass ‘keet, with the long tail and all, but it didn’t quite register which type it was. The species identification signs above the play gyms help of course, but I like to at least try a few guesses first.

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