Meet Thor, The Gorgeous Bengal Cat Who Could Totally Be The Norse God

All this kitty needs is a hammer and a goat-drawn chariot. Someone should get on that.

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Thor the Bengal cat is the modern-day version of the Norse god. Via bengalthor/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Thor, the Norse god of thunder, is the honorable warrior who defends the Aesir gods and Asgard (their fortress) from giants. Most popular during the Viking Age in Scandinavia, he has now been resurrected as a beautiful Bengal cat. And of course he kept his name. Thor is also on Instagram because, you know, he has to keep up with the times.

The kitty, with his gorgeous markings, so embodies his namesake (err, former self) that all it takes is one look from those big green eyes to defeat the giants (now called “humans”) and make them his servants (who else is going to bring him food and toys and whatever else he wants to keep up his godlike physique?).

Here’s how Thor the cat is so Thor the Norse God.

1. He’s A Warrior

He’s always on the lookout for enemies.

2. He Defends His Fortress

Fortresses need defending, you know.

3. He Wields His Hammer, Mjöllnir

Mjöllnir’s invisible, of course. It’s a god hammer, after all.

4. Giants Wither Before Him

“Look how small you’ve become in my presence, tiny human.”

5. He Wears A Belt Of Strength

It gives him so much more strength that he can go outside with minimal to no harm.

6. Courage Is His Unshakeable Quality

Thor is so brave that he allows the enemy to get close enough to think they are allies. He will attack shortly.

7. His Enemy Is Jormungand, The Sea Serpent

Just as Thor has transformed into a cat, Jormungand has transformed into a catnip stick. Their rivalry may be shorter lived this time around.

8. He Rides Across The Sky In A Chariot

He’s on his way to his next battle.

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