Meet the New Grumpy Face of the Internet: Earl the Puppy

Earl the Grumpy Puppy may take over as the Internet’s grumpiest pet.

Cats have long ruled the Internet. Up until Grumpy Cat the grumpiest face we could find online came in the form of a certain “Sesame Street” character that lived in a trashcan. Now, after Oscar the Grouch and Grumpy Cat comes a new furry creature with a moody look on his face: Earl the Grumpy Puppy.

The second-generation Puggle looks perpetually mad at everything. And he’s really cute.

Grumpy Puppy

 All photos via Earl the Grumpy Puppy/Facebook

Grumpy Puppy

Grumpy Puppy

Grumpy Puppy

Learn more about Earl the Grumpy Puppy on his Instagram and Facebook pages. Do you think he will take over the Internet?

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