Meet the Happiest Cat in the UK

Lucius the cat gets the honor of the United Kingdom's happiest cat.

The competition was fierce, but O2, a UK news network, officially crowned the happiest cat in the UK, and his name is Lucius! The white as snow kitty is just two-years-old, hails from Northampton, and, having snagged the title, is now the feline face of O2’s Refresh campaign – meaning he’s about to have his 15 minutes of fame (and earn a year’s supply of free cat food – nom!).
O2 met Lucius back in April when his grinning face was submitted to the #O2HappyCat comp via Twitter. He, along with a number of other happy cats, were then subject to a panel of judges – including Sarah Harding (singer / cat lover), Kat Ward-Smith (O2’s Head of Creative) and Charlotte Wilde (cat agent) – who peeped pictures and met each kitty in a feline casting sesh to select their winner. His name? Obviously: Lucius.
Watch Lucius’ story (straight from the cat’s mouth) above.
What do you think of this happy cat?
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