Meet The Cover Bird – Maisy The Cockatiel

If you’ve gotten your April 2010 issue of BIRD TALK Magazine, you might have noticed the cockatiel on the cover. Does she look familiar? That’s Maisy!

Laura first talked about Maisy in her blog “Office Mate” and in her Editor’s Note from the September 2005 issue of BIRD TALK Magazine. We brought Maisy in for a photo shoot and took a lot of photos of her, one of which ended up as the cover. Congratulations, Maisy!

This cockatiel’s proud owner, Anastasia Thrift, is a contributing editor to BIRD TALK Magazine while Laura is away on maternity leave. Anastasia has already hung up a picture of Maisy on her cubicle wall. We hope to have the cockatiel star in again, someday soon!

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