Meet the Cat Artist: Rachel Schlueter

Rachael Schlueter's cat paintings and mixed-media portray our feline friends in their most intruiging light.

Rachel Schlueter hails from Chicago and has always felt a connection with cats. According to her artist bio on her website: “At four years old, I knew two things were paramount, those were cats and art!” She was, naturally, a perfect fit for Cat Art Show LA.

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Schlueter shared some of the inspiration behind her cat paintings and mixed-media work.

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Cat Fancy: What was your response/reaction when you were invited to participate in the cat art show?
Rachel Schlueter: My reaction was elation, I’m still pinching myself! As an artist, it’s always great to get the chance to exhibit in a new venue, especially in a major art hub like LA.  I have always considered myself a painter of cats and getting this caliber of recognition is really special.  Also, very fulfilling is that real cats will benefit from art sales!

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How did you prepare for the show? Are you presenting a new work of art?
Actually, the curator, Susan Michals, picked four pieces of artwork that I had made before the exhibit was planned, with the exception of one large 24-by-36-inch oil painting titled “They’re Here!” depicting cat and UFO. I knew the incredible excitement I was feeling about the exhibit should go into a painting made specifically for Cat Art Show LA and when Susan invited me to submit another painting I jumped on it… So thrilled she asked!

Cats appear frequently in your work. What about them captivates you?

What captivates me about cats is kind of a mystery. From my earliest memories I’ve been excited by and in love with cats. As a very small child I cared about cats, I put a box out on the back porch hoping to provide shelter for a cat. As an adult I feel my cats ground me with their Zen-like stillness. I adore them and I feel adored in return. Of course I admire their beauty and stealth. For me, the cat is the perfect muse.

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