Meet the Cat Artist: Heather Mattoon

Meet cat artist Heather Mattoon, whose portraits of cats in clothes have won her fans.

Heather Mattoon creates charming portraits of cats dressed in clothing that seem to suit the kitties’ personalities. She creates custom portraits, sells prints of her works and makes yearly calendars showcasing some of her dapper creations.

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We love her images so much, we wanted to learn more. We asked her a few questions and found out about the kitty who changed her life, the inspiring spark of cats and her new cat calendar.

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Cat Fancy: What attracts you to creating cat art? Have you always been a cat person?
I am most definitely an animal lover.  I grew up around mostly dogs and then after an accident in 2008, I was given a kitten to help keep my days cheery. Megan is her name, and she convinced me that I had been missing out all of those years without cats in my life.  They are incredible little creatures and deserve lots of love and respect.  I will never tire of painting them! There is so much depth and sweetness in their eyes and that is my inspiration for the paintings. Their inner story, the worlds in their eyes, and their uniqueness. I think that anthropomorphizing them in portraits brings them onto “our level” and allows people to relate and respect them!

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Who are these dashing cats in your Cats in Clothes paintings? Are they kitties you know or simply ones you’ve seen and been inspired by?
Well, I started off by painting from images that I found striking.  Whenever I came across an image of a kitty that had undeniable personality, I had to use them, their expression or posture etc.  BUT THEN! I started getting requests to do custom portraits of peoples’ cats and that is what I have been doing for the past three years! There is an original collection of 12 Cats In Clothes portraits that are mine, from my making, not custom…and one of them I will be showing at the Cat Art Show in LA!

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Did you create new works for the Cat Art Show LA? What will you show there?
I have created one special portrait for the show and am including one from my original collection. Their names are “Kat” and “Brewster” and they have immense personality and serious cattitudes.  I am so excited to go to the opening night of this show, it is going to be buzzing with cool cat vibes! Meow meow rawr!!

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