Meet the Buddies

Meet the stars of Disney's newest movie – Spooky Buddies.

The Buddies:

B-DAWG – This pop locking hip-hop loving pooch is all about moves and big-talking. B-Dawg sports a cute bunny costume this Halloween – not his idea!

BUDDERBALL – Halloween is this forever-hungry pup‘s favorite holiday. He won‘t let a little saving of the world get in the way of his hunt for food. Budderball wears a Superhero costume to insure his strength for the heavy loads of treats he will undoubtedly get this Halloween.

ROSEBUD – Devoted to fashion, this cute loving pup will never miss an opportunity to shop. She is sensible and often the bark of reason for her brothers. Don‘t be fooled by her trendy look, she can run with the best of the pack. Rosebud is Pink Princess haute couture this Halloween season.

BUDDHA – This enlightened pup always follows the spiritual path. Buddha reminds us that in Zen, all things are possible. Buddha‘s Halloween costume is an Alien from a different universe.

MUDBUD – This gnarly Bud totally detests being clean and loves to surf the dirt. He‘s curiously awesome and he tells it like it is – even though he stays chill. A little upset by all the spooky stuff, Mudbud still leads the sibling pups to the cemetery. Mudbud dons a killer Pirate‘s costume hoping to attain a large booty of treats this Halloween.

New Characters & Friends:

PIP – A friendly Beagle ghost pup under the curse of the Howlloween Hound for 75 years, he has been relegated to floating above an empty Spooky manor.

HOWLLOWEEN HOUND – A large bull Mastiff and no-good sidekick to Warwick the Warlock, he is creepy and always on the search for puppies. The Hound is in charge of implementing the cursed legend and he will not rest until his mission is complete.

HOOT – A Eurasian eagle owl and loyal servant to his master, Warwick, Hoot takes insults and tries to help his master in his mission, hoping Warwick will treat him more kindly. With the help of the Buddies, Hoot realizes that he is wise on his own.
ZELDA – A clairvoyant and hairless Chinese Crested pooch and proprietor of the Shop of Curiosities, Zelda is the all-knowing and all-seeing mystic who helps the buddies in completing their plan.

DEPUTY SNIFFER – An ever so sleepy deputy hound of Fernfield will need to be convinced by the Bud dies that the Legend of the Howlloween Hound is true.


the buddies inside a halloween mansion

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