Meet Lil BUB, Advice Columnist

Etiquette fretters: ease your manner woes knowing that Lil BUB is here to help.

In what we deem the most appropriate hire ever, Lil BUB, internet celebricat and advocate for animals in need, has signed on to be NYLON Magazine’s new Advice Columnist. Let us relax in the comfort that BUB has us covered when it comes to etiquette.

In a public welcome letter to Lil BUB, NYLON stated:

“When NYLON decided to get into the advice game, we were faced with a conundrum: Who could advise our readers and our friends with equal parts real-talk and positivity? Who fully understands the complex and beautiful relationship between science and magic? Who truly embraces the universal feeling of being a tiny cat in a giant world? Only one gal fits the bill: Lil Bub.”

The column, entitled “A Bub And Beyond,” will be published on the second Tuesday of every month, and answer all of your most crucial questions. Whether you’re seeking guidance, or just searching for a few good vibes, BUB, using the magic powers that be within her furry body, is ready to deliver with a purr and a gurgle (translated into real-time advice by NYLON, to be sure).

Readers can send their questions to, but get on it fast – we believe people will be hungrily seeking Lil BUB’s advice. After all, the Bloomington-based perma-kitten born with osteopetrosis even has First Lady Michelle Obama knocking down her door for inspo.

If this isn’t proof that cats are taking over the world, we don’t know what is!

What would you ask Lil BUB?

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