Meet Disney, Britain’s Tiniest Dog With A Kitten For A Best Friend

A Chihuahua named Disney is Britain's tiniest dog, and she is best friends with a cute kitten.

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Disney is a petite pooch who likes palling around with a kitten and hanging out in plant pots.

Dogs and cats don’t always get along, but sometimes these two archenemies become the best (and cutest) of friends.

Such is the case of Disney, a Chihuahua and reportedly the tiniest dog in Britain, and her fuzzy friend Kiera, a kitten. The two are true partners in crime.

Disney was born Jan. 25, 2015, but the tiny pooch hasn’t grown much since she was about 8 weeks old, reports Western Daily Press. At 3 inches tall and 14 ounces, she’s almost the same as her kitten BFF.

Keira and Disney are bros for life! Via SWNS Animals/YouTube

Disney and her BBF Keira are about the same size. Via SWNS Animals/YouTube

At first, owner Natalie Vanes said she didn’t think anything of it because Disney’s parents are also small. Disney was born a normal-sized puppy who was fed and reared by her mother, Tinkerbell, Vanes told Western Daily Press. However, while her brother has grown bigger, Disney has retained her short stature.

Since the tiny pup can’t play with the other dogs in the household lest they think she’s a walking chew toy, Disney has bonded with Vanes’ kitten, Kiera.

The two buddies share cat toys, sleep on a heated mat in a special dog crate together and like to chill out in a potted plant from time to time, too. Disney’s also been known to steal Kiera’s food.

"Where's my BFF Keira?" Via SWNS Animals/YouTube

“Where’s my BFF Keira?” Via SWNS Animals/YouTube

Even though Disney is hobbit-sized, Vanes insists she’s just a normal puppy.

“She is a normal, healthy, fun little puppy, full of energy — just so tiny,” Vanes told Western Daily Press.

Should the pooch never experience another growth spurt, she’ll be in the running to break a Guinness World Record for smallest dog.

Either way, Disney and Kiera definitely win the world record for “cutest friendship ever!”

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