Meet Cinnamon, the Shibu Inu Who Can’t Stop Smiling

Sometimes you just have to face the world with a smile on your face.

Cinnamon is an 11-year-old Shibu Inu. She has Cushing’s Disease. And glaucoma. But she also has a smile that is making the Internet fall in love with her.

Cinnamon has belonged to New Yorker Andrew Bua since puppyhood, ABC News reports, and whenever she pants it looks like she’s grinning. When his fiancée Ashley Kroop created an Instagram account for the happy dog, the couple discovered they had an Internet star.

“She’s super friendly and super affectionate. She’s the best dog I’ve ever known,” Kroop told ABC News.

That’s probably why the couple chose her as their flower girl. That and her smile.

Check it out here:

For more photos of Cinnamon, visit her Instagram page.

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