Meet Cesar Millan

Cesar MillanCesar Millan is a renowned dog behavior specialist and appears on the National Geographic Channels popular television show “Dog Whisperer.”

Born and raised in Mexico, Cesar felt a primal communion with nature from an early age. He earned the nickname “El Perrero,” latin for “The Dogman,” as a teenager because of his special connection with dogs.

Cesar moved to the U.S. and opened The Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles, where he was able to put his behavioral techniques into practice for a large number of canines. He has since rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of lost causes — dogs with behavioral issues such as insecurity to the more serious red zone aggression.

From appearing on Oprah to help her rehabilitate Sophie the Cocker Spaniel, to training Will Smith’s Rottweilers, Cesar’s methods have proved valuable for dogs from all walks of life.

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