Meet Angry Pearl, A Cat With A Scowl And Social Domination

Furrowed-brow Pearl has a lot of fans and a sweet demeanor, despite what the feline's frown might make you think.

Why so scowly, Pearl? Via angrypearl/Instagram

Grumpy Cat may be reigning queen when it comes to disgruntled cats, but there’s a new feline on the scene who may just have the chops to dethrone her. The name? Pearl, Angry Pearl.

Adopted but only a few days ago by Will Highsmith and his girlfriend, the fierce-faced feline caught the couple’s eye while they were perusing the ASPCA’s website on Monday night, sending them flying off to the shelter on Tuesday morning to take her home.

“We thought she was cute and figured she’d be gone pretty fast but we got there and turned the corner and there she was,” Highsmith, of Jacksonville, Fla., told ABC News about Angry Pearl the cat. “We noticed her immediately because of her face.”

Despite her displeased demeanor, Pearl is quite the sweetheart, and has instantly wormed her way into the hearts of her adoptive parents. Not to mention her nearly 10,000 Instagram followers @angrypearl.

“While we were at the shelter she was looking at me through the bars,” said Highsmith. “I took a picture and thought it was hilarious and posted it on Reddit under cats. It blew up on Imgur really fast and people were telling me to make an Instagram for this cat. People kept suggesting I do it so I made a few funny ones with funny, little lines all about hate.”

Now #Cat #Cats #CatsOfInstagram #CatsTagram #Instacat #Kitty

A photo posted by Pearl (@angrypearl) on

Highsmith’s fast work spelled success for the household – earning Pearl instant celebrity in the social media world; a fact that, like Grumpy Cat before her, leaves her seriously unimpressed. She is far more affected by curling up cozily by the fireplace on her beloved futon.

“We slid a futon in front of the fireplace and at night she sleeps right at the edge of the futon,” Highsmith said. “She just sits in front of it like she’s some sort of evil mastermind.”

While many opt to change the name of their adopted furries, Highsmith is quite pleased with the moniker given to the mad moggy at the ASPCA.

“She’s ‘Pissed Off Pearl,’” Highsmith explained. “Pearl just seems like an old lady that would be a landlord that would be calling the police on you all the time. We loved it.”

What do you think of Pearl’s celebricat debut? Who is your favorite social media feline?

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