Meet AKC Judge Virginia (Ginny) Lyne

Get to know AKC judge Virginia (Ginny) Lyne's background in life and dogs.

Virginia Lyne, of Saanichton, B.C., Canada, grew up in many different countries, following her father who was involved in the oil business. She was born in Borneo and lived in Trinidad, Australia, Jamaica, Colombia and Texas.

After college and after a year in Great Britain, she came home with a black and white English Cocker Spaniel that became the foundation of Ranzfel English Cockers. Obedience attracted her initially, and she taught classes for many years. Breeding continued under the Ranzfel prefix with many champions and Best in Show winners being successful in both Canada and the US.

Ms. Lyne’s life work was education. She retired in 1996 after 35 years in secondary school education, teaching English and working as a guidance counselor. Probably as a result of this background, she is committed to judges education and has been active in seminar presentations and judges training for many years.

In 1969, she started as a conformation dog judge with the Sporting breeds and is currently approved to judge all breeds in Canada. She is the past president of the Canadian Dog Judges Association and has served on several committees for the Canadian Kennel Club. She has judged in many countries and is very active in Canada and the US. She judged at the Westminster dog show four times. She judged the Sporting Group in 2003.



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