Meet AKC Judge Sam Houston McDonald

Get to know AKC judge Sam Houston McDonald's background in life and dogs.

Sam Houston McDonald, of Chester Springs, Pa., has been involved with purebred dogs most of his life. After seeing the movie “Big Red” during his youth, nothing would satisfy him until he acquired his first Irish Setter and now, more than 46 years later, he continues to breed and exhibit them. He has bred numerous champions and owned several Group and Best in Show winners.

He is a past president of the Irish Setter Club of America and has served on the board for 25 years. He is a member of several all-breed clubs, including Bryn Mawr Kennel Club, where he currently serves as president and show chairman. He is also serving on the boards of the Irish Setter Club of America Foundation and the Dog Judges Association of America.

Mr. McDonald has authored a number of articles for a variety of publications, including a four-part series for the AKC Gazette, discussing the Sporting Group on “form as it relates to function.” His judging experience, which began in 1986, has afforded him the opportunity to judge throughout the US and other countries.

Sam currently resides on his farm in Pennsylvania, raising his Irish Setters and Irish Wolfhounds. McDonald judged at the Westminster dog show for the second time in 2014.




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