Meet AKC Judge Jay Richardson

Get to know AKC judge Jay Richardson's background in life and dogs.

Jay Richardson
St. Charles, IL

Jay Richardson began his lifelong involvement in purebred dogs at the age of 10, when his parents purchased their first show dog, a Standard Poodle. His young years were involved in raising and caring for the family’s Poodles, showing both in Junior Showmanship and the conformation ring.

As a teenager, he went to work after school in the Poodle kennels of J. Lynn and Mabel Welsh. After Mabel’s death and Lynn’s marriage to Dorothy Welsh, Mr. Richardson added Collies to the after-school care.
In his later teen years, he went to work for Denny Kodner, an all breed handler and worked for her until he began to handle professionally in 1975.

Mr. Richardson handled all breeds until he began judging in 1996. As a handler he enjoyed success with many breeds, including a number of top-winning Best in Show dogs in several groups.

In addition to judging in the United States, Mr. Richardson has judged in Canada, China, Taiwan, Poland, Finland and Spain. He is approved to judge the Sporting, Working and Terrier groups in addition to several other breeds and Junior Showmanship.



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