Meet AKC Judge Charles E. Trotter

Get to know AKC judge Charles E. Trotter's background in life and dogs.

Charles E. Trotter
Carmel, CA

Charles Trotter began his dog-showing career in his home state of Tennessee in 1958 with Afghan Hounds and later German Shepherd Dogs. His homebred Afghans were specialty winners and group winners before he became an all-breed professional handler and concentrated on the dogs of others.

He was the zone representative for the Professional Handlers Association of America before retiring from handling in 1979 to begin judging. Today, as an all breed judge, his assignments have taken him to the world’s most prestigious shows in six continents and all 50 American states. He has judged at Westminster six times, including the Working Group in 1997.

Well-known for his knowledge of canine movement and anatomical structure, Trotter credits his background in German Shepherd Dogs, Afghans and Norwegian Elkhounds with his theories of proper conformation, particularly in front-end assembly.

Mr. Trotter is a lifetime member (more than 50 years) of the Nashville Kennel Club and has served as president, board member and show chairman. He retired as president of Mid-South Home Exteriors in 2005 but has been quite busy in retirement with dog shows, his motorcycle, Laguna Seca activities, NASCAR racing, and fishing and hunting.



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