Meditate With An Adult Coloring Book Featuring Heavy Metal And Cats

“Metal Cats Coloring Book” is a trifecta of greatness.

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There is none more metal. Via PowerHouse Books
Anastasia Thrift

Soothed by therapeutic coloring? Warmed by charming cat photos? Shredded by face-melting metal music? Have we got something for you.

“Metal Cats Coloring Book” by Alexandra Crockett combines three niches into one, according to the publisher’s website. The Penguin Random House book illustrates famous images of heavy metal musicians with cats, and leaves plenty of room to color inside the lines (or outside, depending on how metal you are).

Metal hair, don’t care. Via PowerHouse Books

“‘Metal Cats Coloring’ Book combines two juxtaposed and amazing subjects: the extreme personalities of the true metal music scene and their adorable kitties,” reads the description on publisher’s website. “Based on the photographs of the book Metal Cats, these incredibly cute and fluffy felines appear side by side with their loving owners…”

The list of bands represented in the book is a solid lineup: Thrones, Isis, Lightning Swords of Death, Book of Black Earth, Murder Construct, Exhumed, Morbid Angel, Municipal Waste and Napalm Death, to name a few. According to the website there are “many other metalheads” inside.

Cue grinding guitar, scream: “KITTENS.” Via PowerHouse Books

And plenty of cats! There are 30 original drawings in all, with lots of cute kitties to color in.

Now you know just what to get that hardcore, cat-cuddling felt-tipped pen fan in your life.

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