Medications To Avoid For Ferrets

Whether over-the-counter or used by veterinarians, some medications should be avoided for use in ferrets.

  • Gentamicin, an antibiotic, can cause kidney failure and damage to the inner ear of ferrets, so it should be avoided.

 • Ketamine (Ketaset) is an injectable anesthetic that can cause an erratic and prolonged recovery from surgery, especially in older ferrets. It is much safer to use the gas anesthetics such as sevoflurane or isoflurane instead. 

• Butorphanol (Torbugesic) is a pain medication that can cause hyperthermia (elevated body temperature). There are safer options for pain control in ferrets, so butorphanol should be avoided.

• Ibuprofen is usually fatal to ferrets.

• Acetaminophen can be fatal to ferrets.

• Aspirin can cause stomach ulcers in ferrets. 

There are also drugs to avoid when treating adrenal gland disease in ferrets. For that information, click here>>

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