Meanwhile In Texas, Dog On Riding Lawnmower Interrupts Tornado Newscast

A KYTX news reporter stopped her newscast when she saw a dog sitting on a lawnmower.

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This dog was about to go for joyride on a lawnmower when a news reporter happened upon him. Via KYTX
John Virata

A tornado is never a laughing matter, but one super chill dog on a riding mower brought some levity to a recent post-storm situation in Texas.

A KYTX news reporter was in the middle of reporting on the aftermath of a tornado that hit Malakoff, Texas, and surrounding areas earlier this week when she saw a dog sitting on a Craftsman lawnmower behind a chain link fence, the Texas-based news station reports.

“Oh, my god… Look at that dog!” she can be heard saying in the video. She stops her report as the cameraman pans over to the dog, who is in the driver’s seat, front legs on the wheel, as if it is ready to mow the grass.

The news reporter was all giggles when she saw this dog sitting on the seat of the lawnmower. Via KYTX

“Are they looking at that?” the reporter asks the cameraman as she can’t stop giggling.

“Yeah,” replies the cameraman.

And then a second dog pokes its head out of the dog house.

“That’s awesome,” she says.

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