Meanwhile, In Japan: Cats Are In Cosplay

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Naruto and co. welcome you to the cat café. Via Nekoya Cafe/Twitter
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Things are topsy turvy stateside, but one country is keeping things status quo, and for that, we applaud them. Japan, home of the cat café, Manga and Anime, is combining three of its traditions into one amazing experience.

Japanese cat café Nekoya has dressed its cats in cosplay recently, Kotaku reports. The friendly cat staff of Nekoya’s two locations roam about the spacious, comfy establishments dressed as cartoon characters or film favorites. Here’s a sampling.

1. Mad Catter.

Dressed for tea.

2. The Trifecta.

Cats, in a Japanese café, dressed as characters from “Spirited Away.” Life is complete.

3. On With Their Outfits.

The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts, then dressed up these cats.

4. Gotta Pet ‘Em All.


5. The Force Is With Mew.

“In costume I am.”

6. My Neighbor Cosplay Cat.

Japanese icon Totoro and his magic cat school bus of course would be in a cat café.

7. Just Like Us.

Oh, it’s another café customer just like me. Wait, OMG NO it’s a freaking little cat dressed as a little guy with a laptop gaaaaaahhhhh the cuteness.

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