McDonald’s Upsets Pit Bull Lovers

McDonald's apologizes for the negative use of Pit Bulls in their recent advertisement.

To promote a new menu item, a McDonald’s radio ad stated that eating the new Chicken McBites is “less risky than petting a stray Pit Bull.” The ad also mentions that eating the McBites is less risky than naming your son Susan or giving out your Facebook password.  

McDonald’s pulled the ad and issued an apology after animal advocates, Pit Bull fans and others flooded social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube protesting the ad and McDonalds. The Facebook group “Pit Bulls Against McDonalds” which was created as a response to the ad, has reached over 8,000 followers. 

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has stereotyped the Pit Bull breed. In November a woman and her certified therapy dog were turned away from a Florida McDonald’s because the therapy dog was a Pit Bull. 

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