?mazon Takes Down Transformer

There was high flying drama in San Diego, Calif. last week. I just read a news item about a parrot that landed on a power transformer and caused power outage for an hour and a half. It had to be one of the naturalized (“feral”) Amazons parrots or conures. (I’m guessing Amazon, since there are a lot in San Diego.)

The poor bird survived but burned his feathers. I imagine he would need to be rehabbed since he can’t rejoin the flock if he can’t fly. It was touching to read that the other birds, his flock mates no doubt, screeched nearby until he was taken away. I left a message with the San Diego County Shelter to see what happened to the parrot, so stay tuned …

Over the weekend, in my own neighborhood, I was thrilled to see a flock of four naturalized Amazons flying by. I usually see cherry-headed conures, but these were obviously Amazons. They’re more “clumsy” flyers; they remind me of ducks trying to maintain flight, and I swear, they fly a little lower to the ground compared to conures. I love their call as well ?amp;nbsp;they sound like babies, with an “Ahhh!” contact call. I wonder if the local conures follow them to their foraging spots. They must know the best yards to dine in; after all Amazons like to eat!

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