May 2012 Product Spotlight, Rosie’s Rainbow by Deva Kolb

This contest has ended and four lucky entrants won a copy of the book Rosie's Rainbow, courtesy of Deva Kolb.

Rosie, a precocious albino kit, is the youngest in a family of ferrets. When she hears her parents talking about the Rainbow Bridge, she quizzes them both about it. She’s told it’s a place where ferrets get their wings, so she decides it must be lovely. She wants to go there right away. The 32-page book Rosie’s Rainbow follows Rosie on her quest and features full-color illustrations of Rosie, her family and the ferrets Rosie meets along the way as she learns more about the Rainbow Bridge. For more about the book Rosie’s Rainbow and other great products from Deva Kolb, check out the Deva-Art Publishing website.

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