May 2009 Product Spotlight, Dr. Marty’s Organic Ferret Food By Sedona Pet Products

This contest has ended, and two lucky people won a bag of Dr. Marty's Organic Ferret Food from Sedona Pet Products!

Dr. Marty's Organic Ferret FoodSedona Pet Products introduces Dr. Marty’s Organic Ferret Food, available in 4-pound bags. It was formulated by Dr. Martin Glinsky, a pet food nutritionist, and is the first organic ferret food on the market, according to the manufacturer. Made with more than 70 percent organic ingredients, Dr. Marty’s Organic Ferret Food is guaranteed to contain 42 percent protein. It’s made from a combination of chicken and grain proteins for a superior compliment of amino acids. It is one of the most palatable and nutrient-dense foods available for ferrets.

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