Matilda The Alien-Eyed Cat Needs Your Help

Matilda the cat is living with an eye condition that has made her look like an out-of-this-world feline Martian.

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This little galactic princess needs surgery – and you can help!Via Instagram

It’s hard not to be a little thrown off by the sight of something unique, or strange.

When you look at Matilda, you might forget that she’s a cat and assume she’s part alien. Don’t worry — you’re not alone. Her eyes do make her look a little like a creature you’d see Will Smith and Randy Quaid battling with in “Independence Day.”

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And since her Instagram following under the name @aliencatmatilda has gained such a massive following (she has more than 14,000 followers!), clearly her owners realize that her look is out of this world.

However, Matilida is not an alien. She suffers from a genetic eye problem called spontaneous lens luxation in which the lens detaches from the rest of the eye, according to People Pets. It started with changes to one of her pupils and has spread to both eyes. And it will only get worse as she ages.

Eventually, Matilda will need surgery, and her owners have set up a page on GoFundMe in the hopes that they can collect donations for her medical care.

While it’s easy to marvel at her extreme cuteness and cartoon-ish eyes, Matilda needs help. Every donation (large or small) will go toward her medical needs, and her owners have pledged to give any additional funds to an animal welfare charity that will help other cats in need.

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