Massive Koi Pond in Abandoned Bangkok Shopping Mall

Millions of gallons of rain water creates a massive pond in a Bangkok mall.

Written by
John Virata

New World Shopping Mall, a 1990s era Bangkok, Thailand shopping mall that was abandoned after it burned down is now home to thousands of Koi and catfish, thanks to some crafty soul(s) who decided to stock the floor of the mall with the fish. The mall initially was regulated to be four stories tall, but the owner built it to 11, and when the city government found out, the owner was ordered to remove the additional stories. In doing so, according to local “fish” lore, the owner removed the roof and during the process, a competitor lit the mall on fire. 

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The owner then abandoned the mall with an open roof, in which rain fell through and began collecting in the bottom of what must have been the first floor or the parking structure of the mall. In the 2000s, someone planted koi and catfish in the first story of the mall, which now holds millions of gallons of water. The population of fish is now apparently self sustaining and has turned into a tourist attraction in the middle of one of the busiest tourist cities in Southeast Asia.

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