Masked Babies at Play and Resting

Here are some beautiful masked babies at play. Masked lovebirds are part of the eye-ring group of lovebirds and are also known as Agapornis personata. The violet masked baby is now around 7 weeks old, and the dilute masked baby is around 5 weeks old. Aren’t they adorable? The violet masked baby has really been filling out. I can’t wait to see this bird at shows! The violet masked lovebird is Indigo’s newest baby. The dilute masked lovebird is from another pair of lovebirds. When that baby molts, the colors are going to be much deeper and darker. It should be really pretty. These two babies are being hand-fed and spoiled daily. The babies like to play, eat and then sleep some more. You can see how gentle and tame they are – falling asleep right on the blanket!

Dilute is an autosomal recessive mutation in masked and peach-faced lovebirds. This means that both parents must carry or display the mutation in order to produce a visually dilute bird. Another pretty combination would be a violet dilute masked lovebird! If it did turn out that these two babies were male and female, they would be a good pair to put together. They would only be able to produce dilute violet masked if the violet masked baby was also split to dilute. If not, then all babies from them would be split to dilute, and those violet masked babies could then be used to produce dilute violet masked lovebirds. 

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