Mary Rose Rows For Birds

An accountant rows from Santa Barbara to San Diego for bird conservation.

Mary Rose is a firm believer that Extinction is OptionalTM. With so many bird species on the path to extinction, Rose decided to row across the Pacific Ocean to raise awareness. The more people who donate and fight for the Hawaiian Crows (less than 150 remain) or the Mangrove Finches (less than 100 are left) or the various other birds near extinction, the more likely her belief becomes a reality.

Her determination to save the species at risk of extinction led her to row a boat from Santa Barbara to San Diego ?a distance of 163 nautical miles.

Conditions vary with that much distance, and according to San Diego 6, “strong winds nearly pushed her into break walls in Long Beach.?She was also visited by several sea creatures, including dolphins and whales.

Rose has taken on a trying task especially given that she had never rowed prior to this mission. For a month she lived and worked on her row boat, going into shore every once in a while to rest and to visit locals, boat police, harbor police and lifeguards. In those visits she spread the word on bird conservation, raising awareness on the issue.

So far, her mission has raised almost $13,000 in donations, but the hope is to raise $1,000,000 for bird conservation and awareness.

To help save our world? birds, visit Rose? website.

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