Mary Mewton Meets Ferrets

It was love at first sight when Mary Mewton met Mischief, her first pet ferret.

I never knew what a ferret was until I met Mischief. My husband wanted a chinchilla, but after meeting three of them he decided that they weren’t his cup of tea. He broached the idea of a ferret to me, and I said, “Sure.”

We went that day to get a ferret, and I fell in love. I remember that the salesman asked about a cage and my husband, Kris, said we had one. I wondered where this mysterious cage was.

We bought the little cinnamon (found out the color later), and I bought two books about ferrets. When we arrived home, I saw the cage that Kris was going to put him in; it was not the cage I wanted for Mischief, so he spent his night with us in a tall cardboard box. Whenever I peered into it, Mischief jumped up trying to get out.

The next day I purchased a cage. Too bad it didn’t fold down. I had to have Kris bring his truck to get it home, but both Mischief and I were happy. 

I remember that the minute Mischief pooped I would clean his litter pan. He had free roam for the most part, only being put in his cage at night.
I took him out on the porch one day. He was really fast and about to get away, so I grabbed his tail. That’s when I found out that ferrets make sound! I know it was wrong now, but I was a newbie and I had to stop him.
It didn’t stop there. In September of 1995, we bought Peanuts and then a week later Princess Tinker Dink. Then, in January of 1996, we purchased Spook. He was our learning experience. He passed from juvenile lymphoma in December. His passing inspired us to open a ferret shelter.
Ferrets have changed my life in many ways. They gave me love unconditionally. They have taken me out of depression. I need their antics every day. Each and every one of them is individual in personality.
I came home from work one day to find my kitchen in a complete mess. Those little rascals had worked their way into the cupboards below and then opened the drawer above to get on the counter. They then proceeded to throw bananas to the group below and spill everything else. I laugh now, but then, not so much.

Mary Mewton has had ferrets since 1995 and ran a ferret shelter until 2003. Mewton is also one of the founders and current president of the Michigan Ferret Rescue And Adoption Network.

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