Martha Stewart’s Dogs Launch Blog

The French Bulldogs offer readers a dog’s eye view of life with Martha.

Martha Stewart’s French Bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey, like to Twitter. And now they have their own blog, too. The pair, famous for their cameos on Stewart’s TV show, has launched “The Daily Wag.”

Francesca (“I have a high opinion of myself”) and Sharkey (“Spontaneous and darling”) blog about their life with Stewart, and write about what it’s like to live on her busy farm.

A recent post by Francesca talks about an antiquing trip with Stewart, and includes photos from the outing. “We usually stay outside in the car or walk around the neighborhood a bit, but it was so cold that the owners asked us in,” Francesca writes. “Their cute little dog, Parker, was there and we had an impromptu play date, which was fun.”

So how does the dogs’ famous owner feel about sharing the spotlight with her pooches?

“Martha always encourages us to try new things,” Francesca “told” “She also knows that a lot of her fans are devoted to their pets and might enjoy a dog’s eye view of Martha’s world. I should also add that we’re irresistibly cute and stylish. Martha shouldn’t keep us to herself.”

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