Martha Stewart’s Dog Dies

Chow Chow Ghenghis Khan was one of several dogs killed in kennel explosion.

Martha Stewart’s dog, a Chow Chow named Ghenghis Khan, was killed in a Pennsylvania kennel fire, along with more than a dozen other dogs.

On The Martha Stewart Blog, she said that she’s “deeply saddened” by the event, which occurred March 6 after a propane delivery went wrong at the kennel. Several of the dogs involved in the blast were show dogs, according to news reports.

The driver of the propane delivery truck was taken to a hospital with critical burns, according to The Associated Press. He reportedly helped some dogs to safety by tossing them over a fence.

Stewart’s blog also said that she hopes for a speedy recovery for the dogs who survived as well as the people. She included a photo tribute in memory of her dog. No human deaths were reported.

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