Martha Stewart Celebrates “Pet Show”

The Martha Stewart Show airs a special episode dedicated to furry and feathered friends.

With guest Marc Morrone, host of Hallmark Channel’s “Petkeeping With Marc Morrone,” the show is sure to be fun and animal filled. It will feature a pet fashion show of dressed to-the-nines dogs, rare cat breeds, beautiful birds and a delicious gourmet recipe from The Culinary Canine, a new book published by our sister organization, BowTie Press.

The episode titled “Pet Show,” will air on the Hallmark Channel, Thursday, Dec. 1 at 10 a.m. ET and 10 a.m PST. In case you miss it, it will run again at 2 PM ET and Friday, Dec. 2 at 1 PM ET.  

Martha Stewart is well known for her love of pets and has several of her own. We especially love Martha’s two French Bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey and her newest addition – a Chow Chow named Ghenghis Khan.


Martha Stewart and Marc Morrone



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