Marine Ich and Quarantine Almost Over

With the aquarium fishes quarantine period halfway completed, it is easier to envision a reef tank once again filled with colorful fishes.

Hallelujah, the day has finally come. Our hospital tank has cycled and built up enough beneficial bacteria in the filter pad that we no longer have to do water changes as frequently. We’re at weekly water changes now, which might sound like a lot to some people, but it sure beats mixing and changing water every other day!

We’re into week 4 of a fish-free display tank. Only four (maybe six) weeks to go. I know the general rule is if you leave the display tank free of fish for six to eight weeks, the ich dies out without fish to host, but I really don’t want even a tiny chance of putting the fish back in too soon, so I am thinking about leaving them out for eight to 10 weeks.

The display tank does look a little sad without the colorful fish swimming around. But now that we’re halfway through this ordeal and I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, I just realized something: With only two fish left, we can add a few more! I am thinking maybe a cute blenny and possibly a six-line wrasse. Anyone have any thoughts on what fish we should to add to the tank?

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