Mariah Carey Says Her Dog’s the Diva

The pop star says her Jack Russell Terrier thinks "he’s the star now” and has a bigger ego.

Mariah Carey is known for being a diva – she even has a 3,000-square-foot closet in her Manhattan apartment to prove it. But the singer, who made pop music history last week when she overtook Elvis Presley’s record for No. 1 singles, says her dog Jack, a Jack Russell Terrier, is even more difficult.

“My dog Jack has a bigger ego than me! We forgot his papers and so had to take him off the private plane,” Carey told British newspaper The Sun. “He growled at the flight attendant as he was carried off.

“He’s really started to think he’s the star now.”

Carey goes on to challenge the assumption that she’s a diva in the first place. “People who take me seriously as a diva have a serious lack of a sense of humor,” she says, even calling her new album’s title, “E=MC2” a joke.

“Einstein’s theory? Physics? Me? Hello! I even failed remedial math,” Carey says. “I could not pass seventh grade math even in the lowest class with the worst kids. Of course I’m poking fun.”

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