March 2011 Product Spotlight, Ferret Dome by LFFR Bedding

This contest has ended, and two lucky entrants won a Ferret Dome, courtesy of LFFR Bedding!

Introducing the Ferret Dome, designed by Rose of LFFR Bedding. The Ferret Dome is a chubby, triangular-shaped, three-sided dome designed to take up space where the ferrets decide to leave a special “present” in their cage. The Dome stands approximately 10 inches tall and has a 10-inch diameter, batting-padded, round, floor base and comes fully fleece-lined. It is secured  by a swivel clip or removable hook with easy access inside through a  4-inch circular opening to allow privacy. The Dome can be placed anywhere in the cage, especially in areas where you have empty space that ferrets might see a spot to “miss the pan.” The Dome can hold a couple of ferrets in comfort. The Ferret Dome is useful, adorable and can be machine-washed and dried. Check for prices and shipping at the LFFR (Little Feet Ferret Bedding) website.

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