Manta Ray Divers Off Kona Hawaii Free Dolphin Entangled in Fishing Line

Bottlenose dolphin reaches out to diver who frees its pectoral fin from fishing line.

A group of professional divers taking others out for a night dive with the manta rays (Manta birostris) off Kona, Hawaii came to the rescue of a bottlenose dolphin that was swimming erratically. The entire event was captured on video. The dolphin circles the divers and then comes up close to one, who noticed that one of its pectoral fins was entangled in fishing line. Over the course of around 5-7 minutes, the diver worked on removing the line. The dolphin left the diver and went up for air and then worked its way back to the diver, who then pulled out a pair of pliers to further cut the line, freeing the pectoral fin in the process. It is really an amazing piece of video footage provided by



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