Manny The Cat Takes Better Selfies Than Anyone

You wish you could take selfies as well as Manny the cat does.

Written by
Chrissa Hardy

Taking the perfect selfie isn’t easy. But apparently it’s easy enough for a cat to master, because Manny the Selfie Cat takes the best around.

Manny’s owner shares his top notch selfies on Instagram, and they truly are impressive. Most of them seem to use a GoPro, because obviously Manny doesn’t have thumbs and cannot snap pics this perfect on his own.

But regardless of how they are taken, they will absolutely blow you away. Here’s what we learned about Manny through his many stellar selfies.

1. He thoroughly enjoys sunsets.

???????? #selfiecat @timthetoothninja @besomedoggy ???????? #selfiebattle

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

Setting the mood, are we, Manny?

2. He wants you to know just how chill he can be.

#gopro#cat ???? A photo posted by @yoremahm on

Manny could teach a master class in relaxation.

3. He loves his squad.

#gopro#groupselfie ????

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

“Okay, guys. Let’s get a good one this time.”

4. And he loves taking silly selfies EVEN MORE.

“Now, let’s do funny faces!”

5. He knows which side is his best side.

???? when cats do #duckface ???? #selfiecat #gopro

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

“Ooh, perfect lighting. Gonna get so many likes.”

6. He also enjoys digging in the snow.

❄️???????? #selfiecat #gopro #tongueouttuesday A photo posted by @yoremahm on

“Somebody told me there was food down here.”

7. He stays in touch with his long distance homies.

#selfiecat #FaceTime ????

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

“So how’s life on the ranch? Do you miss us? Well, DO YOU?”

8. He played the Powerball and won. Wait, what?!

First, he dominated the selfie game. Now, he’s also richer than you. Hating yourself yet?

Oh, Manny. You da man.

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