Managing Multiple Aquariums

Make keeping multiple aquariums easy on yourself, and don't let aquarium chores wear you out.

Aquarium Fish InternationalEarly on in the hobby, I discovered the joy of having multiple aquariums, though it wasn’t an intentional discovery. I had purchased my first 10- gallon aquarium and been sent home with a glass box, an assortment of small tetras and a pictus catfish that was rail- thin and about 2 inches long. Within hours I was at a different pet store buying a net and a second aquarium to house the voracious catfish that had already eaten a large swath of tetras. I learned two important lessons from this: First, research fish species before purchasing, and second, it is always good to have another aquarium.

Having multiple aquariums opens up new opportunities to hobbyists. There are many choices for a fascinating aquarium: planted tanks, reefs, cichlids, livebearers, saltwater predators, coldwater aquaria, native fish aquaria, killifish and more. Even within a specialized area of aquariums, there is an abundance of opportunities. A simple interest in catfish can result in aquariums specializing in Corydoras, plecos and others. The benefits are not limited to the freshwater side of the hobby; the reefkeeper will find that not all invertebrates are compatible, and having aquariums specializing in specific types of corals is advantageous.

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