Man With Big Heart Adopts Senior Pets Of All Kinds

One man takes in senior pets to give them second chances and wins Instagram along the way.

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Steve Greig made room in his life for the pets he had room for in his heart. Via Wolfgang2242/Instagram
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One dog changed Steve Greig’s life and the lives of many dogs to follow — as well as a half-dozen other animals.

The Denver, Colorado, resident has eight dogs, two chickens, two ducks, two pigeons, two cats, one rabbit, one pig — all senior animals — and 471,000 followers on Instagram. He also cares for his roommate’s dog as well as his sister’s and does it all with love and a sense of purpose, sparked by the loss of one special pet.

“The moment I decided to take in mostly seniors was when Wolfgang, the namesake of the [Instagram] account, died,” Greig told “I needed something good to come out of his death. He was a dog of mine that I was particularly attached to.”

So Greig went to a shelter planning to adopt the oldest, least-adoptable dog. He left with Eeyore, a 12-year-old Chihuahua with four bad knees and a heart murmur. He says felt he honored his fallen pet’s life and gave dignity to another that might not have had that chance, and he knew this was the start of the rest of his life.

That life involves dedicating a good chunk of his day to his charges. Greig gets up at 5 a.m. to start the morning food and medication routine. Many of the dogs require special diets, so Greig needs to create 10 individualized meals. He’ll come home for lunch sometimes and walk the dogs; at night the cleanup starts and in the morning the cycle begins all over again.

“To sum up the care routine: It’s a lot of work for so many dogs, but it brings me even more joy,” he said.

The animals all seem to feel the joy. Images show them visiting farms, sharing treats, going for car rides and spending lots of time cuddling up together.

  Almost impossible to find a bed all to yourself around here. Englebert and Stuart #scootover   A photo posted by steve (@wolfgang2242) on

Greig says the dogs all get along thanks to regular walks together. The interspecies bonds are pretty tight, too. Bikini the pig plays with the dogs, the rabbit snuggles in with the crew and the chickens get in the mix as well. The pictures all look like loving family portraits of pets.

The account brings joy to so many people, but it has also helped Greig heal.

‘Game of Thrones’ with a throng of animals. #wildlings   A photo posted by steve (@wolfgang2242) on

“[Wolfgang] was just one of those dogs that I completely clicked with in every aspect,” he said. “We did everything together. He wasn’t scared of anything as long as he was with me. It has been almost three years since he died and I still miss him desperately.”

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